A chain hoist is a term for a piece of lifting equipment that is suspended (usually from a beam via a trolley) featuring a chain and hook. The hook is used to secure the object being lifted while the chain is used to lift the hook and the load attached to an appropriate height.  Manual chain hoists require the user to pull one end of the chain to lift the load while electric chain hoists require the user only to push a button (up or down) to control a motor that will lift the load attached (providing it does not exceed the safe working load).

chain-hoistsChain hoists can be suspended in a number of different methods, most chain hoists come with a hook or trolley.

We can supply a variety of hoists both manual and electrical and also install them with limited disruption to your process.

We can also offer a repair and hire service to all electric chain, wire rope and chain block hoisting assets with replacement parts and repairs guaranteed under our parts and labour warranty.