Loose Lifting Gear and Lifting Equipment Services

lifting-equipment-1We can offer a service of sales, hire and repair to all manner of loose lifting gear and rigging equipment which is vital when moving loads and using other lifting equipment in the safest and efficient manner possible.

We can supply, service and hire:

  • Beam clamps
  • Shackles
  • Webbing and chain slings
  • Eyebolts
  • Pull lifts
  • Tirfors
  • Wire ropes
  • Chain

We also provide lifting equipment services for testing and regulation abidance which are namely:

  • Safety line servicing – This system allows complete freedom of movement for working at height, ensuring safety whilst traversing horizontally.  Our trained engineers will install the correct safe line for your needs after a free survey of the site.  The system conforms to BS EN 795 and is designed to meet the requirements of CDM regulations and other safety legislation such as HSG33.
  • Proof load testing – We can provide proof load testing to your lifting equipment which is a legal requirement. This is a test for an additional percentage of extra loading (Equipment specific) of your safe working load on your existing or new lifting asset. We can proof load test to weights which suit your requirement, please call us for an instant quotation.
  • Non Destructive Testing – MPI (magnetic particle inspection), in this method the component is magnetised by passing it through a coil or by attaching electrodes and then sprayed with a solution containing iron filings in suspension.  A crack or imperfection near the surface of the component will distort the magnetic field and attract the iron filings.  The crack is then revealed by an accumulation of particles along the line of the crack.

lifting-equipment-2Cracks on the surface or a fissure within about 10mm of the surface can be detected by this method.

This method is widely used when examining components which are susceptible to cracking, e.g. fork truck arms (tines) welded lifting lugs, lifting frames, spreader beams welded hooks etc., which should be routinely examined by this method.

We can provide NDT testing to any of your lifting assets, please call for a free survey and quotation.

  • High mast servicing – We can provide a full maintenance & inspection to your individual high mast requirement, looking at standard items such as thickness measurement of protective coatings, Crack testing of structural welds, inspection of flange plates for planted masts, inspection of holding down studs and full testing of winches used internally.