Dry Lube Arcs – A New Concept in Crane Maintenance

We guarantee to reduce wear on your existing crane wheels using the Micropoly Dry Lube Arcs which can be fitted to most end carriage systems using our custom built fixing clamps.

NO OIL or GREASE collecting on the track – just clean and efficient lubrication.  For more information about our dry lube arc systems and how we can provide you with a free no obligation trial, please contact us.

dry-lube“MicroPoly® Lubricants, a proprietary product of PhyMet, Inc., is a solid lubricant that is a mixture of polymers, oils, and other additives. Processing creates a solid lubricant with an oil-filled connected, porous structure.

The porous polymer structure is formed into solid profiles which are bespoke to the crane wheel to which it is to be fitted. The oil lubricates the wheel flange by capillary action. Additional oil is supplied to the flange from the reserves in the pores. There is no need for maintenance or additional lubrication during the life of a MicroPoly Lube Arc.

Since the MicroPoly also acts as a sponge, the excess oil is reabsorbed which prevents dripping. The Lube Arcs are held in contact with the wheel flange via a system of brackets and springs. Each individual crane needs to be assessed, so that the most appropriate fixing system can be employed.

For further details, please visit our sister company MICROPOLY EUROPE’s website.

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