Crane Personnel Protection System

crane-personnel-protection-systemDT Engineering have researched, developed and manufactured a bespoke crane user protection system and crane intelligence solution which provides total operator protection whilst using the crane as well as real time reporting to a remote location, on criteria set by the client but namely offering the following complex functionality:

Crane Intelligence and Ground Operator Protection

The crane personnel protection (CPPS) system from DT Engineering NW Ltd is a cutting edge, EOTC operator protection system, designed in such a way to be installed onto existing overhead cranes or bolted onto new build cranes as part of any initial installation process. The system is easy to use, with full operator indication for stage of lift control and can be used as an active management tool for monitoring safe lifting practices in real time and utilises footage recording for remote monitoring of ground level operations.

Four Steps to Complete Operator Protection

The Crane Personnel Protection System uses smart array camera technology to facilitate variable operator protection zones at the lifting centre point at ground level, protecting the ground level users on initial lifting of a load.
The Crane Personnel Protection System utilises alignment laser technology to implement true lifts only eradicating load swing and snatch loading on initial lifting of a load.
The crane operator protection system is installed and wired into existing crane electrical circuits and has a single source point of interface for the complete asset. The CPPS panel mounted on the crane bridge utilises cutting edge technology tied into a PLC based control system for total automation.
The crane personnel protection system uses set variables for weight and height of initial lifting of a load to set safer lifting practices as part of the wider system. Load cell and pin integration creates a tool for providing critical crane disabling points in any final lifting process.

Crane Intelligence – Your Route to a Safer Working Environment for Ground Level Operators

The crane personnel protection system (CPPS) is our solution in providing increased protection to your end crane user in an ever changing, ever demanding and sometimes high risk operation across the board. By implementing our system onto your crane you will be given the peace of mind that – under the most high risk conditions – your crane will be completely disabled until the risk is taken away and a better practice for lifting observed.

Advantages of the system are:

  • CPPS can be tailored to suit your needs and be designed to function as a two man operation or multi user operation depending on your individual lifting requirement
  • CPPS can be used as a management asset for remote monitoring in real time of lifts undertaken and also for reviewing previous lifts with full back up and recording of images tailored around your specific operations
  • CPPS facilitates an e-mail alert facility under given conditions, such as system being placed into over-ride for example, to chosen addresses again, tailored to your individual requirement and is a useful management tool
  • CPPS utilises fully licensed, DT Engineering endorsed, supported software as part of the complete system package
  • System installation comes with initial engineer support on site and operator training in the use of the CPPS, providing a smooth and trouble free transition

Crane Personnel Protection System Highlights


  • Increase crane operator and slinger / banks man protection whilst using EOTC
  • Smart crane intelligence allowing remote viewing and controlled protection lifting zones
  • Full systems management software integration
  • Retro fitted to existing or brand new cranes
  • Crane operation disabled on unsafe lifting practices

Industry Applications


  • Steel Stock Holders
  • Molten Metal
  • Coil Handling
  • Slab & Plate


  • Glass
  • Steel
  • Concrete


  • Motor Vehicle
  • Aerospace
  • Precision Engineering
  • Ship Building
  • Railway Rolling Stock
  • Paper
  • Fabrication