Machine Intel System (MIS)

Innovation in operator protection and machine intelligence systems has allowed DTE to expand our successful model of a crane operator protection system into plant and industrial processes.  Our Machine Intel System is a direct hybrid development from the success of our Crane Personnel Protection System (CPPS) and successful implementation thereof with our larger industrial clients.

The use of our bespoke smart camera technology has seen our innovative hybrid system migrate from overhead cranes and lifting equipment, taking the same principles of ground level operator safety, into a multitude of machinery and applications across many different industries.

The technology has been successfully researched, developed, installed and commissioned by our specialist team at DTE on heavy industrial applications providing a turnkey, high technology solution, in both machine operator safety, and also, as a bespoke maintenance tool, for applications with enclosed barriers or hidden work driven components, providing a “behind the barrier” answer, for monitoring, in a maintenance capacity, in harsh and challenging environments.

Innovation in Detail

The system is tailor made to suit your specific requirements as the end user, but is largely made up from the following components:

High Resolution CCTV & Smart Camera Technology

The MIS, much like the Crane Personnel Protection System, is centred on the use of High Res and Smart camera technology.  With the ability to set safe zones within the cameras utilised, the MIS offers the user the ability to tailor a specific safe area, usually within or around a moving piece of equipment as a last line interlock within a machine or cell setup.  This then gives the end user the ability to protect users of the system with the add-on of being able to see what is happening inside the machine, component or setup, which is application specific.

Server / Client & Central Processing Topology

The MIS is run utilising a topology, which is again, directly designed to suit the individual application or parameters set by the end user.  With the ability to run one, or multi user stations, the system is completely flexible and designed and installed on the end user requirement.  With the use of a recording & VM software – which is fully endorsed, supported and Implemented by DTE – the end user of the MIS can enjoy benefits of the system such as allowing users to securely monitor real time images, retrieve recorded footage anywhere over a network, use the software platform to monitor multiple display windows and quickly review recorded images of any incident.

Fit for Purpose Components

The MIS is fully flexible and has the ability to fully expand existing networks or operate on a one machine basis.  With all components of the system designed in such a way to be able to operate in very demanding conditions.  The system can be designed to high end specification with the ability to link to existing automation and force interlocking procedures, with the capability of downsizing to a more simplistic approach, whereby the MIS operates on an interlock or monitoring tool basis only, where a detailed process recording facility is required.  This is again tailored to suit the client’s requirements at any design stage.

The MIS in action:

Case Study – Press Machine MIS Installation; Automotive Industry Press Line

One of our larger industrial clients in the automotive manufacturing sector approached DTE around the use of a system to overcome a recurrent problem with one of the larger press lines within the facility.  The particular press line machine is largely used to press out sheet steel into car body parts to be used further down the line in the assembly part of the process.  With multiple machine breakdowns per week, coupled with the fact that reactive maintenance could only be carried out rather than a more pro-active approach, due to the demands of production, as well as extremely difficult conditions inside the machine, a solution was needed to eliminate such issues and reduce costs and downtime associated variables.

The successful development onsite, working with the plant engineering team around their best most preferred solution, has seen the installation of our MIS inside the machine reduce both downtime and associated costs, but has also allowed the end user to integrate add-on smart cameras, as part of the expandable solution, which now covers the entire line.  The MIS has given the maintenance manager, overseeing operations on the particular line, the ability to monitor real-time images, inside a previously blind spot location, with both remote and local monitoring stations, located adjacent to the machine and in a managerial location for remote monitoring and analysis.

Chart – Stalled Operations Pre & Post MIS Install:


MIS – Complete Service Packages

We offer our end user the input which is required to tailor a completely bespoke and turnkey system which is built with your individual requirement in mind.  We offer a total solution from design and development through to installation, programming and commissioning of any system put in place by our dedicated and highly skilled engineering team. We can deliver a full service package – taking on board requirements – and deliver:

Unique design service with consultation from beginning to end on user bespoke projects which MIS will cover.
Own dedicated team of technical experts from project beginning to end for a one stop point of reference for each installation.
Real-time project update and timeline charting progress of installation with the opportunity for client input and final decision making on component location.
Unique operating software platform which is fully expandable for future growth or system expansion if required.
Quick and easy installation process minimising disruption and downtime to valuable assets and machinery.
Fully endorsed and guaranteed software and systems components with 1 year warranty on all parts therein.
After sales service package with options for service visit bolt-ons suited to your requirement.

Industry Applications


  • Steel Stock Holders
  • Molten Metal
  • Coil Handling
  • Slab & Plate


  • Glass
  • Steel
  • Concrete


  • Motor Vehicle
  • Aerospace
  • Precision Engineering
  • Ship Building
  • Railway Rolling Stock
  • Paper
  • Fabrication